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How many ports are in Athens?

When planning your travel itinerary from Athens to the Greek Islands, especially if you are a first time visitor, some of the most common questions that might arise in your mind are

How many ports are in Athens?
Which port to choose for my departure?

To help you plan the itinerary and choose the most suitable point of departure port for you! We created this guide and tried to answer some of the most common questions our clients usually have.

Athens has three ferry ports, Piraeus, Rafina, and Lavrion, which connect the mainland to the Greek islands. Let’s take a look into the three ports and help you find the one that best meets your travel needs.

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The Port of Piraeus

12 km from Athens City Center
48 km from Athens Airport.

Piraeus Port is the largest port of Athens, Greece, and the main gateway to the Greek Islands: to the Cyclades, to North Aegean islands, to the Dodecanese, to Crete, and the islands of the Saronic Gulf: Aigina, Salamina, Hydra, Spetses, Poros.

Also, from here, cruise ships set sail across the Mediterranean and beyond.

Piraeus port is one of the busiest ports in Europe as it handles millions of passengers each year (about 20 million). It can be a crowded port but offers amenities that make travel easier: a passenger terminal, ATM machines, currency exchange services, restaurants, bars.

Also, it lies within walking distance from the shopping center of Piraeus, the railway station, the metro stations.

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The Port of Rafina

32 km from Athens City Center
16 km from Athens Airport.

Unlike the large and more commercial port of Piraeus, the port of Rafina has a small-town feel. It has historically been home to many fishing fleets, and it retains this feel today.

Upon recently, it was not as well known as ports like Piraeus. However, by now, you have probably heard of Rafina because it is just a short drive from Athens International Airport and offers passenger-ferry services to the Cyclades Islands.

The port lies on the east coast of Attica, 25 km from Athens Airport and 30 km from the city center.

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The Port of Lavrio

60 km from Athens City Center
38 km from Athens Airport.

Lavrio or Lavrion, on the southeast coast of Attica, lies along the coast, close to Cape Sounio. The port of Lavrio is a deep-water port and an exporter of marble, ores, and building materials. As a passenger port serves ferries operating between Athens, the islands of the northeast Aegean Sea, and some islands of the Cyclades.